I feel like I’m waking up from a dream like fog, and wanted to say the hugest of thanks to you for supporting us so much during labour and birth, I never once felt alone or isolated, I always felt held even when I was scared or felt I couldn’t do it, and I know how much your presence enabled my husband to be the most incredible birth partner too. There’s so much more I want to say which can come later, but for now, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Alice, mum to baby O

We have really appreciated all your help the last few weeks with Bertie, making me feel relaxed. You were also fab during the pregnancy, and I’m sure I had a smooth birth thanks to your support with hypnobirthing and reading recommendations. We will miss all the delicious meals you have cooked us, particularly your oat cookies and cottage pie!

Alice, mum to baby B

Sophie was our doula in the period following the birth of our third daughter. Prior to her birth we were worried about how we would cope as a family and so hired Sophie to support us in those early days. Sophie was the extra pair of hands and listening ear I needed in order to juggle the sometimes overwhelming multitude of demands on a new mum. As well as helping to get things done around the house, Sophie was very good at ensuring I looked after myself – sending me back to bed, running me a bath and bringing snacks and/or lunch! The help that Sophie provided made all the difference to our family – through her practical approach she enabled me to focus on my own recovery, which in turn meant that I was able to be there for my newborn and other children. Sophie is kind, caring, intuitive, knowledgeable and good fun to be around – qualities she uses to great effect when caring for new mums and their families.  Sophie has helped to make our transition to a family of five positive experience and for that we are very grateful.

Liz, mum to baby F

I couldn’t have done it without Sophie as my doula with my 4th child. She did things without me even asking – she just knew what needed to be done to make my life easier with a new baby. She was very in tune with my family’s needs.

Nicole, mum to baby M

I searched for local doulas and Sophie was the closest to me. I read several other doula websites, but something about Sophie just felt absolutely right for us. I feel like I clicked with Sophie instantly, it seems like I’ve known her for far longer than I actually have. During labour having Sophie around was amazing as having a third person with us kept us as calm and relaxed as we could be. I tell all my friends how fantastic it was to have a doula. I can’t imagine having a baby without one now. Having the support there for both of us made our journey much less pressured than it was in comparison to my previous birth. Sophie has been great throughout the whole time I hired her as my Doula, her knowledge and empathy have been faultless.

Kristina, mum to baby S

Sophie is a lively, positive, smiley, kind lady with lots of energy. She’s the kind of person who really fills a room with positive and happy vibes, and this is exactly the kind of positive energy which one would want in a labour room. Furthermore, she is herself a mother of three so know what it’s like to have several children and the challenges this can bring, bringing a new baby to an existing family. She also knows exactly what help a new mother needs as she has experienced this herself. During labour Sophie ensured that my birth preferences were adhered to (she asked the midwives if they could run the pool), ensured I didn’t have unnecessary checks, stayed with me at all times (when my husband couldn’t be there also) and reassured me of what was going on, gave me encouraging words (the midwife was very quiet) and took care of me by applying pressure to my back during contractions, lay cool flannels on my forehead and burnt the essential oils I had requested.

Thea, mum to baby S

I can wholeheartedly recommend Sophie. She is a lovely, kind, happy person and I don’t know how we would have managed without her over the last few months. She has been very supportive from both a practical and an emotional perspective. She is a very pleasant and positive personality. She is very caring and instantly puts people at ease. She clearly has a lot of experience and is very good with our baby girl. She is professional, proactive and very efficient, just the kind of person you want around you in the weeks and months after the birth.

Nicky, mum to baby G

Sophie is a calm, passionate doula who enthusiastically shares her intriguing adventure into the world of birth. There are so many techniques she can suggest; however, she will also go out of her way to let you dictate what you want and I have no doubt she will make it happen. She introduced me to new ideas for birth. Further, she will help with whatever needs doing in the days after birth. She cooked, cleaned, massaged, cuddled, chatted and generally slipped into whatever role needed doing. Overall, she is sweet, funny and has a lightness that is very much needed. I would have her as my doula again and would pick her over any other.

Johanna, mum to baby N