My services

I often get asked what the word Doula (pronounced doo-la) means. It originated from the Greek term Doule` which means ‘female slave’. We have, since then, changed the spelling to suit us and tweaked the meaning to something more appropriate. The second question I often get asked is ‘what does a Doula actually do?’. A Doula offers continuous physical and emotional support throughout a birth and often afterwards in the home. The word ‘support’ can mean many things, if women need information, I give it. If they need to be listened to, I stop, sit and listen to them. If they need some dinner, I cook. If they need a massage, a bath run and a wash put on, no problem!

As a Doula, I offer three different ways of working: Purely Birth, Purely Postnatal or Both Please! Please see below for more
 details on all three.