I can wholeheartedly recommend Sophie. She is a lovely, kind, happy person and I don't know how we would have managed without her over the last few months.

Nicky, mum to baby G


There are times I haven’t been with a woman at the birth and I receive a call for help. Some families anticipate their needs in advance, others when they realise they need some extra support. Postnatal care, for me, is very rewarding and has been slightly different with each family.

With the mother’s permission, I often use a sling to comfort a baby, whilst being able to get on with a few chores. If the mother is happy and comforted, then I’m happy to just ‘get on’ with things. I have recently undertaken a ‘Closing the Bones’ postnatal massage course, it’s a wonderful massage which I now offer to all my postnatal clients, should they wish to have it.

Postnatal care can include, but is not limited to the following…

What's included

  • One appointment purely to meet, plan and arrange a schedule. You need to know you’ve found the right Doula for you.
  • Giving emotional support in the early days, listening mainly, but occasionally signposting to experts or resources.
  • Gentle support and guidance with breast or bottle feeding, only when requested by the mother.
  • Encouraging rest and recovery, I tend to ask new mothers to go back to bed quite a bit!
  • Postnatal massage.
  • Doing the running and allowing the new family to have their ‘babymoon’.
  • Preparing a healing bath, or nutritious dinner.
  • Taking care of the baby whist the mother takes a break.
  • Light cleaning, tidying, sorting, laundry etc.
  • Entertaining siblings.
  • If required I will help you to tactfully limit visitations (the amount and duration!) from well-meaning friends and family.
  • I’m also happy to accompany a woman if she feels she needs support outside of the home. 
  • Given a little notice and a list, I will happily bring any shopping with me to our appointments.

Sophie is a calm, passionate doula who enthusiastically shares her intriguing adventure into the world of birth. There are so many techniques she can suggest; however, she will also go out of her way to let you dictate what you want and I have no doubt she will make it happen.

Johanna, mum to baby N

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