I feel like I clicked with Sophie instantly, it seems like I’ve known her for far longer than I actually have. During labour having Sophie around was amazing as having a third person with us kept us as calm and relaxed as we could be.

Kristina, mum to baby S


I work with women and often their partners during the pregnancy to prepare for the birth. This helps to establish trust and allows us to talk through any concerns or worries. I like to create a Birth Plan(or Birth Preferences) together. Just talking through all your choices gives me a clear idea of what you want and the kind of support you need.

At a birth, my shift won’t change, I simply don’t leave until you tell me to go. I offer massage, Rebozo techniques, aromatherapy and homeopathy for childbirth and I have supported many different hypnobirthing programs. All these ‘bells and whistles’ of birth support are wonderful and I have used them to great effect in the past. However, if we’ve created the right environment, the woman is at ease and feeling safe and confident, then sometimes all I need is a cool cloth on her neck and
 some whispered words.

I work well alongside midwives, in a non-medical capacity, I always feel the wonderful atmosphere this can create in the birthing room and I enjoy working with the partners, making them feel 
positive and supported.

What's included

  • Our initial meeting… you really do need to choose the right Doula for you!
  • At least two further antenatal appointments (it often ends up being more than this what with the odd coffee here and there). I try my best to structure these meetings but by the end, we’ve usually set the world to rights and drunk too much tea. Typically, though, we might debrief any previous births, discuss your options and your pregnancy so far. I usually go away after the first meeting and start putting together a ‘birth preferences’ document. I’ll also sort out any information I think the family might find useful. Personally, I also like to set aside a bit of time to discuss your postnatal plan, which I may or may not be a part of, as I feel this is often overlooked.
  • Access to my ‘Doula Library’.
  • Signposting and local information available to you before and after your birth.
  • A four-week day and night on-call period. I block out this time for your birth, if you wish to extend this period due to circumstances then we can discuss this. During this time, I take on no other births.
  • Unlimited support during the on-call period (text, phone, email)
  • Attendance and support at your birth, be it long or short!
  • All travel expenses, to our meetings, to hospitals or birthing units, parking etc. I will happily meet you at hospital for a scan or appointment if you feel you would like me there.
  • After you get home, I will come and check how you’re feeling, bring you dinner, debrief your birth (if you wish to) and of course, see your new baby.

Contact me for further information and prices. Please see the Access Fund information at Doula UK. I offer concessionary rates for Military families and those on benefits. I also offer the option of paying in instalments.


Sophie is a lively, positive, smiley, kind lady with lots of energy. She’s the kind of person who really fills a room with positive and happy vibes, and this is exactly the kind of positive energy which one would want in a labour room.

Thea, mum to baby S

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