Sophie is a lively, positive, smiley, kind lady with lots of energy. She’s the kind of person who really fills a room with positive and happy vibes, and this is exactly the kind of positive energy which one would want in a labour room.

Thea, mum to baby S


Booking a Doula for Birth & Postnatal means a woman gets everything detailed on the individual Birth and Postnatal pages, with a couple of added benefits…

If I know you want me for both, your postnatal time gets booked in early and you are assured of my availability.

There is often a huge amount of trust established after a birth so you’ll feel comfortable in asking me to do (within reason) whatever you feel you need.

I’ll be very aware of the birth experience you’ve just had and I will quite often bring bits and bobs with me to help you feel totally looked after.

Your care is more flexible in terms of hours and, if I can, I’m also happy to alter my working hours week-to-week (who knows when a family member is going to move in and help for a couple of days!).

Many of my clients book me first for birth, then later on for postnatal work. There is no pressure to commit to both when you might not be sure you want or need the support.  If I have availability I will happily work this way.

Please get in touch for my rate.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Sophie. She is a lovely, kind, happy person and I don't know how we would have managed without her over the last few months.

Nicky, mum to baby G

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Unfortunately, I am fully booked until early 2022 and am not currently taking on new clients.

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